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What is PACT Med?

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACT) is a quick, safe, effective, and pain-free treatment for fungal nail infections in both fingernails and toenails. Unlike other fungal nail infection treatments which may require repetitive, long-term treatment, PACT only takes ten minutes to work per infected nail and you could be infection free after just three sessions over the course of a week. You would not be required to take any additional medication as part of the PACT Med treatment.

How does it work?

PACT uses a combination of a specialist gel and a light device to cure the infection. Unlike human cells, fungal cells have a cell wall which is dyed once the gel is applied. The blue gel is a non-toxic dye applied directly to the infected nail. This gel causes the fungus to become hypersensitive to light. The PACT Lamp device is then used to expose the affected area to a high wavelength of light to stop growth of the fungal nail infection and destroy 99.9% of all bacteria and fungi; without causing any damage to your skin or nail.


An assessment appointment would be made with a podiatrist in order assess the extent and severity of the fungal infection. The length of treatment would depend on the severity of the infection. A standard infection would be treated using three treatment sessions within one week in which the blue gel dye and PACT Lamp device would be used in order to kill the fungal infection. During the initial assessment session, each infected toenail will be carefully cut and filed and the thickened nail reduced with a special podiatry drill. This procedure allows the blue gel dye to penetrate the active fungal cells, enabling the most effective treatment. The application of blue gel dye to each nail only takes ten minutes. The PACT light therapy can commence for nine-and-a-half minutes on each infected nail. After each treatment you can continue with your day as normal. A follow-up appointment would be required four - six weeks later for one more PACT session. The healthy nail should continue to grow normally and infection-free. Everybodys nails grow at a different rate, so your new fungal free, clean nail growth might take as long as three to four months to fully show the benefit. More severe infections may require follow-up treatments for a period of up to 6 months and possibly longer, dependent on the severity of infection.


To avoid reinfection, clothing such as socks should be washed at high temperatures (minimum 60C) and footwear should be treated with an anti-fungal spray for a time period of at least four weeks. The wearing of flip-flops when showering at the gym or swimming pool is also recommended.

Any side effects?

No adverse side effects are indicated; PACT is safe for use on diabetes patients also. During treatment sessions some patients have stated a slight warm feeling to the nail but nothing painful. The blue dye used during treatment can stain the nail for several days after treatment.