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Manchester Podiatry provide the highest level of care, using high quality products and equipment in a pleasant environment.
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Our experienced podiatrists treat a whole range of conditions and symptoms. Find out more about how we can help you...

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Manchester Podiatry Clinic

Manchester Podiatry

Manchester Podiatry provide a clinic based podiatry and chiropody service in Manchester City Centre, Sale, Macclesfield and Cheshire. We also provide a home visit service throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Our podiatrists have a wealth of experience in treating a wide range of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb. The podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry treat adults, children and the elderly. Manchester Podiatry can provide you with specialist podiatry services whether you are a professional athlete or you have a neurological condition affecting your feet.

The Manchester Podiatry website provides information regarding common disorders of the foot, how we manage these conditions and additional podiatry and chiropody services that we offer.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry, which is a modern word for chiropody, is performed by podiatrists. The Podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry assess, diagnose and treat conditions relating to the foot and the lower limb. Many conditions treated by podiatrists are on the surface of the foot, such as corns, callus and in-growing toenails. Some conditions treated by Manchester Podiatry are not visible on the surface of the foot, but involve the structures inside the foot, for example metatarsalgia.

Alongside routine care of the feet which involves removal of corns and callus, Manchester Podiatry provide specialist care and advice for people with diabetes and arthritis. Minor surgery can also be performed to remove problem toenails.

Abnormalities in how we walk can also be assessed and treated by the podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry. Orthotics (shoe inserts) can be prescribed to improve foot function and reduce pain caused by poor foot posture (such as 'fallen arches' or 'flat feet').

Where are we?

Manchester Podiatry has two clinics in Central Manchester and Sale:

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For more information about the services that are available or to book an assessment please call 0161 883 0099.

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