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Diabetic Foot

Foot problems commonly develop if you have diabetes. Foot conditions in people with diabetes are often more serious than those in healthy individuals.

The Diabetic Foot

High levels of blood glucose over a long period of time can result in harm to the body and its functions. In the feet, the nerves and the blood supply may both be adversely affected as a result of diabetes. Nerve damage in the feet and legs may cause a loss of sensation. Any trauma or injury to the foot, for example standing on a sharp object, may not be felt and could lead to more serious complications such as an ulcer. Diabetes can lead to a restricted blood supply in the feet and legs which may affect the ability to heal if there is an injury to the foot.

The feet may appear cold and pulses will be weak if the circulation is poor.

A podiatrist can advise on a number of things that a person with diabetes can do to help avoid complications with their feet. These include;

It is important for a podiatrist to monitor any deterioration in the nerves or circulation of your feet. This allows you to take the necessary precautions to help avoid any complications.