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Ankle Sprain

What is chronic ankle pain?

Chronic ankle pain is a long lasting or recurrent sensation of pain in one or both ankle joints.

What are the causes of chronic ankle pain?

Chronic ankle pain can be caused by poor foot posture or incomplete rehabilitation following an ankle injury.

Poor foot posture can be genetic or it can be caused following an injury, such as a broken leg or ankle, or a neurological condition, such as a neuropathy or cerebral palsy.

If you have pronated (or 'flat') feet then your chances of 'twisting' your ankles or experiencing ankle pain is significantly increased.

What should I do if I have a chronic ankle pain?

You should seek an assessment with a podiatrist if you have chronic ankle pain.

What shouldn't I do if I have a chronic ankle pain?

If you have chronic ankle pain you should not ignore the problem. You may be causing more damage to your ankle by walking around on it. You problem may be resolved quickly and easily by your podiatrist.

Could there be any long term effects of a chronic ankle pain?

There can be long term effects from chronic ankle pain but it depends on the cause of your pain. The earlier treatment is sought, the less likely that you will experience long term problems.

Podiatry treatment for a chronic ankle pain

The podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry will perform a full assessment and, if appropriate, a full gait analysis. You may also be advised on orthotic shoe inserts to correct resolve your pain. A referral for physiotherapy treatment may also be advised.