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Knee Pain

What is knee pain?

Knee pain is a sensation of pain in one or both knees. Pain may arise during sport or afterwards at rest. The pain may arise in various places around the knee joint, for example, on the outer or inner side of the knee.

What are the causes of knee pain?

Podiatrists treat knee pain that is caused by abnormalities in foot posture. An altered foot posture and, therefore, altered walking pattern can cause strain on certain structures of the knee. This can lead to pain.

There are lots of other causes of knee pain, many of which are traumatic. For these types of problems a physiotherapist is the best person to treat your injury.

What should I do if I have knee pain?

Foot posture is often overlooked as a cause of knee pain. Many clients are referred to Manchester Podiatry following an assessment with Manchester Physio. If you suspect that you have a knee problem that is caused by the posture of your foot during standing, walking or running you should arrange a podiatry appointment as soon as possible to allow you to continue with your normal everyday life without pain.

What shouldn't I do if I have knee pain?

If you have knee pain it is not advisable to ignore the pain as you may be causing more damage to the joint.

Could there be any long term effects of knee pain?

If your foot posture is causing your knee pain then it is unlikely to resolve without treatment.

Podiatry treatment for knee pain

Following an initial assessment and gait analysis, orthotics (shoe inserts) can be provided by your podiatrist to resolve your pain. For the majority of patients, these orthotics have a built-in arch support that helps to control pronation ('flat feet'). This reduction in pronation of the foot helps to reduce stress on the knees. The podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry can also advise on your training regime and footwear.

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