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Heel Pain

What is heel pain?

Heel Pain is any pain, discomfort or tenderness that appears either at, or around the site of the heel. Heel pain can therefore occur at the side of, underneath, or at the back of the heel, including the Achilles tendon. Heel pain is a very common complaint, and one that has a number of causes. Podiatrists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions affecting the leg and foot, therefore if your child has heel pain it is important that they visit a podiatrist so that the cause of the heel pain is correctly diagnosed, and appropriate treatment can take place.

What causes heel pain in children?

There are a number of causes for heel pain in children, for example:

What should I do if my child has heel pain?

Our podiatrists are highly skilled in the treatment and diagnosis of a number of lower limb pathologies. Our podiatrists are available to give you advice, or simply to put your mind at rest, and when necessary provide an appropriate treatment plan.