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Out Toeing

What is out toeing?

Out toeing in a child refers to the position of the foot whereby the feet and toes are pointing in an outwards direction. When a child's feet out toe this is typically accompanied with 'bowed legs'.

Podiatry is a specialty that deals with the foot and the lower limb. If your child is out oeing and you have concerns it is important that your child is assessed.

What causes out toeing in children?

Out toeing in children is very common among toddlers and is a normal developmental stage. Sometimes the cause of a child's out toeing is a condition called developmental dysplasia of the hip, particularly if the out toeing is present in one foot only. Developmental dysplasia must be correctly diagnosed in order to prevent future problems.

What should I do if my child is out toeing?

If your child is out toeing and you have concerns, then visit one of our podiatrists here at Manchester Podiatry who will be able to tell you whether or not this is a normal developmental stage, or something that needs correcting. Our podiatrists at Manchester Podiatry will examine your child in order to establish the cause, and if necessary a treatment plan will be devised.