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Severs Disease

What is Severs disease?

Severs disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the growth plate at the back of the heel. Children with severs disease will complain of pain at the back of the heel around the site of the Achilles tendon, as this is the site of the growth plate. Children aged 10 ??? 15 are most often affected by severs disease, with those who play lots of sport, or those who have had a sudden growth spurt being most at risk.

Podiatry can help your child if they have severs disease with the provision of custom cast orthoses (shoe inserts), heel raises and stretching exercises. The aim of treatment for severs disease is to improve the function of your child's foot in order to reduce any painful symptoms associated with the condition.

What causes severs disease?

Severs disease is caused by inflammation of the growth plate of a child's heel bone. In children and early teens the bone that forms the heel is not fully grown, and at this age the bone is made of two parts instead of one. Between the two bones that will later form the completed heel bone is cartilage. In a child that has severs disease it is the area between the two bones of the developing heel that becomes inflamed. The inflammation associated with severs disease is attributed to overuse and growth spurts.

What would podiatry for Severs disease involve?

A visit to Manchester Podiatry for Severs disease would involve an initial assessment. During the initial assessment one of our podiatrists will obtain from you a medical and social history, which will include a history of the problem and any signs and symptoms. After the assessment the podiatrist will then examine your child's leg and foot, paying particular attention to the heel. If foot posture is thought to be contributing to your child's painful symptoms then you may be referred for a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, in order to assess the mechanics of your child's leg and foot. The purpose of the biomechanical assessment is to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment for Severs disease may include one or more of the following:

What should I do if my child has severs disease?

If you think your child has severs disease one of our podiatrists here at Manchester Podiatry can help you. Our podiatrists are university trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of pathologies relating to the foot and lower limb. Our podiatrists will use their knowledge and skills in order to assess the mechanics of your child's leg and foot, in order to establish the cause and the best treatment.